Erasmus + Project "Green Europe" Partners’ Meeting in Panevezys "Saulėtekis" Progymnasium, Lithuania May 7 – 11, 2018

Panevezys "Sauletekis" progymnasium participates in the "Green Europe" project of the Erasmus + 2nd General Education Sectoral Strategic Partnership. It is a multilateral project that promotes active cooperation between schools in different countries.
Starting in 2016, the project is being implemented for the second year. During this period, teachers from Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Poland and Lithuania, with their student groups, visited each other for learning purposes, studied the nature of European countries, introduced their own problems and sought solutions to them. Students, living in the partner's peers' families and studying in the joint activity, had great opportunities to get to know the culture of other countries, expand their horizons, improve their English language, find new friends, communicate in a virtual environment.
This spring, 7 to 11 May the last meeting of the project partners took place at "Sauletekis" progymnasium. Students and teachers participated in various activities throughout the week. On Monday, all pupils - 4 from each country - gathered at the first acquaintance lesson (English teacher E. Šukienė). After that, the guests welcoming event was attended by the teachers and pupils attending the school. It was fun to see the seventh formers performance (English teacher R. Beinartaitė), to listen to choir songs (music teacher V. Skukauskienė), but the most intriguing were guest's presentations, prepared in their native language. After this event, the guests at the school together with the students of the progymnasium gathered at the school gallery (technology teacher and head of photography club, V.Karosas) to see the photography exhibition "Fragile Nature's World".
All were interested to see the photos of schoolchildren representing the natural beauty of different countries as well as environmental problems at the international photography exhibition. On the first day, guests were also invited to a school excursion. It was interesting and useful for everyone to get acquainted with the features of our school, to compare them and to communicate. After that, the students presented the prepared "Decalogues of the Young Naturalist" and collaborated on letters to the President of the European Parliament on "Let’s save Green Europe". Letters of a student from each school were sent to the President of the European Parliament.
In the afternoon, guests visited the municipality to meet the vice mayor of Panevezys, Aleksas Varna. Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the present day and future of Panevezys. Later, a trip to Panevezys, and after which the educational program presented the nowadays and prospects of Panevezys and attracted the attention of the city's guests. During all the visits, the partners of the project “Green Europe” try to get acquainted with the nature, flora and fauna of the visited country. So, when visiting Lithuania, guests went to Anykščiai, Krekenava regional park, Kernavė, Trakai and Vilnius and became acquainted with Lithuanian nature, culture and history.
On the last day of the visit, on Friday, students took part in lessons - non-verbal workshops (art teachers D. Kalendienė and V. Balčiūnienė), as well as language lessons (in English - teacher Z. Girdvainienė, in German - teacher D. Gedeikienė, in Russian - teacher D.Šedienė) and music lesson (teacher V. Skukauskienė).
At that time, at the meeting the teachers discussed innovative teaching methods in English lessons, and discussed project issues as well. Also on May 11 Jovita Neliupšienė, Ambassador at the Lithuanian Permanent Representation to the European Union, who was visiting the school, arrived at the meeting with participants of the Erasmus + project Green Europe. It was interesting to listen to the Ambassador talking about the institutions of the European Union and the most important issues of the EU. She shared her thoughts on how it is being debated before making a number of important decisions. The Ambassador drew the students to take interest in various European topics.
After the lunch, participants were awarded with certificates. Everyone was pleased that participation in the Erasmus + Green Europe project has been beneficial, diversified, enabling them not only to learn in a different environment, but also to promote responsible European citizenship. We, “Sauletekis” teachers and students who participated in this project, had the opportunity to spread the message about Lithuania and discover interesting and valuable innovations.

Regina Beinartaitė
The coordinator of the project at Panevezys “Sauletekis” Progymnasium

Erasmus+ Project ‘‘Green Europe“ Meeting in Panevėžys

Erasmus+ Project ‘‘Green Europe Meeting in Panevėžys, Lithuania (7th 11th May, 2018)
Preparations for the project partners' meeting involved activities getting ready for a discussion about inovative methods of teaching English and nature protection rules. Panevezys ''Sauletekis'' students and teachers have made slide presentations. Student Kostas Balciunas, Form 7b prepared a slide presentation ''Young Naturalist's Decalogue''. Teacher Ramune Razanskiene prepared a slide presentation ''Inovative Methods Used Teaching English''.

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In the Lessons at Panevezys “Sauletekis“ Progymnasium - Activities of the Project

In December, 7 and 8 formers at the lessons of Geography, Biology and English were actively involved in the activities of the Project „Green Europe“.
In the lessons of Biology, pupils from the 7th grade (teacher Loreta Valickienė) being familiarised with the term "decalogue" and working in groups created posters reflecting 10 environmental rules. The "Young Naturalist‘s Decalogues" created by them are exhibited in the Biology Room.

In their English lessons, the pupils of the 8th form (Form 8a teachers Edita Šukienė and Regina Beinartaitė,  Form 8b teacher Živilė Bagušienė, Form 8c teachers Zina Girdvainienė and Regina Beinartaitė) got familiar with the peculiarities of the official letter writing and wrote letters to the Chairman of the EU Parliament by sharing ideas and suggestions on how to preserve Green Europe. With the students‘ 20 letters, the most successful in terms of form and content, you can get acquainted on the stands of the 2nd floor.

During their Geography lessons, the students of the 8th form (teacher Svajūnas Gaigalas) compiled a map of ecological threats. Working in groups or one by one, the students on the map of Lithuania marked the places where ecological threats were encountered due to civilization and industry. Students' works are exhibited on the 2nd floor and in the Geography Room.

Italian Partners' Extra Activities

this activity has involved 19 students (ages: 12-14); class: 3C; some students were special need ones. The teacher involved (Gulletta) has coordinated the activity in the school’s garden.
The activity has focused on: “our garden”; students cleaned up the school garden, and planted new, young plants.
Computers have been used (elaboration of images) as well as more traditional methods (paper board).

Both the teacher and the students have enjoyed this creative activity. It has been a great opportunity for all of them to also improve their computer skills.

Italian Partners' Activities


this activity has involved 10 students of different classes (ages: 12-14); some students were special need ones. The teacher involved (Provinzano) works mainly with (but not only) special need students in all classes (so called “support” teacher).
The activity has focused on: “my holidays”; it has involved a personal description of students’ last holidays. Computers have been used (searching for or elaboration of, images) as well as more traditional methods (paper board).

Both the teacher and the students have enjoyed this creative activity. It has been a great opportunity for all of them to also improve their computer skills.