We Study Birds of Lithuania

Within the Project Erasmus+ Green Europe“ our school realized a lot of activities concerning birds. During different lessons and in school clubs we were interested in that subject. In the winter and early spring our school community took care of birds. Also, we watched them, analysed, studied their nests, feeding, voices and photos. Besides, we made bird feeders and nesting boxes. Austeja, Guste and Ugne collected information and produced power point presentations about these activities.

The First Short - Term Exchange

This is an article in the Lithuanian Panevezys regional daily newspaper "SekundÄ—" about the first short- term exchange of project partners- teams from Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania- in Sicily, Italy.

The 2nd Short Term Exchange of Groups of Students

On 20-24 April, 2017 all the Project Erasmus+ “ Green Europe“ partner teams will meet for the second short term Exchange of groups of students in Venspils, Latvia. According to the application form, our Latvian partners prepared a programme in which all of us will take part. Polish, Italian, Slovenian, Latvian and Lithuanian students – 4 in each team, and teachers – 2 in each team will cooperate in different planned activities and meetings. We are looking forward to meeting our friends again and hope to have a useful time together.