Competition “The Magic of Christmas"

Taking part in the Project ‘‘GreenEurope‘‘ students are involved in a number of different activities. As soon as one competition is accomplished, another is announced. In December, 2016 the coming Christmas spirit felt by everyone was captured by the students in all the Project partner schools and expressed on the paper. In the competition ‘‘Magic of Christmas‘‘ the Latvian, Italian, Polish, Slovenian and Lithuanian students created stories or even poems in English about Christmas, its miracles and, what is more, they illustrated their litterary creation in different techniques. Numerous illustrated literary works were exhibited at all the Project partner schools. All the school communities had a possibility to enjoy different festive stories and illustrations at the school exhibitions. The most impressive works were sent to the Polish school which idea was to involve all the students into such an activity. Currently, all the creators are waiting for the joint publication prepared by the Polish school. Waiting for both, the joint publication and the first short time exchange of groups of pupils in Italy where the publication will be presented.

 "The Magic of Christmas"exhibitions at schools:



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