Multimedia Presentations for the First Short Term Exchange of Groups of Pupils in Italy

The students of all the partner schools have prepared three Multimedia presentations in English for the first short term meeting on February 27- March 6, 2017 in Italy. In October-December, 2016  the students were busy making different Multimedia presentations. Firstly, a competition was organized in all the five partner schools for making a presentation “Our school”. Consequently, the best presentation introducing their school was chosen in each. Another multimedia presentation the students had to prepare was “Education System in our Country”. In organized competitions the best presentations were chosen to be shown during the meeting in Italy.The third presentation students of each school were asked to make was “Magic Nooks of our Country”. The students of all the partner schools prepared presentations of the most outstanding nooks in their country. Now all are waiting with great anticipation and responsibility to watch others’ and also to make their own presentations during the meeting in Italy. They will help all the members of the meeting to get better acquainted with each other, with our schools and countries.

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